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The by-word in Central Germany’s economic structure is chemistry. CeChemNet combines the six chemical parksof this region into a network that makes the whole morethan the sum of its parts. The partners participating in this project include the site companies of the chemical centres in in Bitterfeld –Wolfen, Leuna, Schkopau / Böhlen,
Zeitz and Schwarzheide. In addition to the chemical park operators the North-East Chemical Association (VCI) is part of the project. The Central European Chemical Network is an interdisciplinary league that networks a wide range of expertise, specialized engineering excellence and successful chemical park management. CeChemNet focuses regional capacities in chemical park development, creates synergies with its feedstock integration while promoting the cross-acquisition of know-how in its six chemical sites. CeChemNet also aims its activities at the outside by supporting the development of tailor-made strategies for investors in the Central German Chemical Triangle. Its range of services includes know-how with restructuring contaminated industrial sites as well as expertise in developing successful chemical park management systems. A special service of the network partners is providing support for developing chemical parks in identifying, systematizing and describing existing or needed competencies and outlining the technical, organizational, financial as well as funding modalities.

80 experts in this network have systematically compiled their expertise in a list of services. These services are provided to develop chemical parks for creating competitive advantages by implementing efficient chemical / industrial park management systems. These service packages are relevant for industrial sites in the new EU states in the process of restructuring or to industrial regions working together in the European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN).

Each of CeChemNet’s sites is specialized in a certain field of engineering excellence that has emerged from their historical background and through a variety of privatization models.
This means that each facility has its own know-how in solving problems occurring in the course of restructuring processes.
CeChemNet combines this knowledge in a comprehensive list of services and competencies which is modularly structured. This compendium offers single and system solutions in security management, environmental protection, contaminated industrial site reclamation, feedstock integration, infrastructure, site management and information technologies.
Facility restructuring and chemical site development also necessitates support in funding management, financing strategies, knowledge and expertise development, support from associations as well as employee qualification. Furthermore, CeChemNet allows small businesses access
to international network structures and gives them the key to
interregional partnerships.